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As a dry eye authority, Dr. Brill has a passion for solving your dry eye issues. Don’t you wish you could talk to a doctor before you even met him or her to see if you are a good fit? Well, now you can with a courtesy introductory phone call.

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Jen and Rachel have been struggling with Dry Eye for years. See what they have to say: 


Jen: “Rachel, do you have that feeling in your eyes? You know the sensation: itching, watering, and redness that won’t go away – no matter how many eye drops I have tried!

Rachel: “Well, Jen I know what you are saying! I’ve tried blaming it on my allergies, but the allergy medicine just makes my eyes and mouth feel even more dry!”

Jen: “My smarty pants husband says I should see the doctors at Brill Eye Center. He said they actually have a dry eye spa in their practice!”

Brill Eye Center starts with making a DIAGNOSIS after a simple series of tests and observations in their Mission, KS office location. In each case, we aim to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your dry eye problem. It’s just that simple.

When Brill Eye Center says we can treat your Dry Eye, WE MEAN IT! We’re not like other doctors who hand you eyedrops and send you on your way. We’re different! The Brill Eye Center Difference means taking care of you no matter where you are on the severity spectrum and being realistic and honest with you. That’s why we’re offering a Free Phone Consultation so you can get a better idea of your Dry Eye problem. No further obligation… just great info… from the Dry Eye Doc with a passion for treating DRY EYE!

Brill Eye Center Dry Eye Program

Dr. Brill will go over your medical history and perform a detailed survey of your symptoms.


Dr. Brill will complete a series of tests to make an accurate diagnosis.


Dr. Brill will discuss treatment modalities with you so we can determine the most effective treatment method.


We'll discuss best practices for post-treatment care and make sure your symptoms do not progress any further.


You'll schedule follow up visits with Dr. Brill to make sure the treatment was effective!

The Other Guy's Dry Eye Program

None or casual observation.


The Guessing Game or "I am not sure."


"Here, try this fist full of drops and tell me if one works."

Temporary Relief

"I'm baaack. The drops didn't work." "Here's more drops..."

Problem Persists

Start over with the next fist full of drops and home remedies. Or, make life easy and choose the Brill Eye Center program.

The purpose of this phone call is to gather information to see if a further diagnostic evaluation is necessary. The call is not meant to make a diagnosis or offer individualized medical recommendations. By scheduling this phone call, you understand and agree to this disclaimer.